Snow Removal



Over the past 10 years Titan Pool Service, Inc. has provided snow and ice removal for clients who need to ensure that their neighborhoods or businesses are safe and fully accessible.

Titan Pool Service, Inc. uses state-of-the-art weather tracking and a 24/7 call center to ensure prompt and efficient service. We will be there when needed to plow the snow, clear the walkways and apply deicing (“salting”) to keep your business or homeowner association properties open and safe.

Our snow and ice management services are provided with the same high level of customer service and expert knowledge as our swimming pool management business. We understand the importance of delivering the efficient and reliable snow and ice service you’ll need during and after winter storms.

Titan Pool Service, Inc. professional staff of experienced snow plow operators and snow and ice removal technicians work to ensure your safety and accessibility. Using the latest in well-maintained snow removal equipment and de-icing (“salting”) techniques, TPS snow and ice removal crews are there to assist when needed. You can rely on our experienced crews to snow plow, clear walkways and apply deicing materials (“salting”) to clear the path to your front door quickly and efficiently.

To discuss snow and ice removal and how you can have your property monitored and serviced when winter storms strike, please email Mark Perri at or call 703-361-3177 *102